Qualified in 2012 at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Munich, Germany) Carina went on to do a Doctorate about laminitis in Thoroughbred horses, which she finished January 2015.
She had been back and forth to the Kenmare Vet Centre throughout her studies and moved at the end of 2014 completely to Kerry. Since then, she had been a member of the Kenmare Vet Centre team.
In the summer of 2017, Henk and herself decided to develop the Kenmare Vet Centre further into two practices;

  • All Creatures Vet Centre, owned and run by Dr. Carina Mederle, MVDr which will cover the local equine, small and farm animal business
  • All Performance Veterinary Medicine, owned and run by Henk Offereins, DVM, MVSc, which will focus on nationwide and international Sport Medicine

Carina's main interests at work are horses, small animals, sheep, training and nutrition in dogs and cats. After work she enjoys horseback riding, taking part in dog Agility-Trials with her dog Jackie and (sheep)dog training.