DVM University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, Qualified Equine Practitioner Royal Dutch Veterinarian Association. Henk was practically born and raised in a Veterinary Hospital. He graduated in 2000 and worked as a vet in Maastricht (NL). "I have always been interested in animals, and in my spare time I like to spend time with my family and our animals."
In 2005 Henk set up Kenmare Veterinary Centre together with his wife Joanna Offereins (RVN).

Personal interest and ongoing education made that Henk Offereins developed strongly into the area of Veterinary Sport Medicine.

This highly specialised area of veterinary medicine involves a lot of traveling and last minute consults.

After long and carefully consideration Henk decided that it was in the best interest for both the local practice and the (inter) national performance clients to develop two separate and dedicated practices with him running and owning All Performance Veterinary Sports Medicine.

Sport medicine clinics are currently held all over Ireland, Holland and South Africa.