For puppies, it is already the law – all puppies born in the Republic of Ireland since 2015 need to be microchipped. Older/adult dogs also need to be microchipped after 31st March 2016. That means, after the end of March 2016, every dog living in the Republic of Ireland needs to be chipped and registered with MODR (S.I. No.63 of 2015).
Please be aware of that dog licenses and pedigree papers are not the same thing as Microchipping, and you need to have a dog chipped and correctly registered.

Where can I get my dog chipped?

  • Only a qualified person can implant microchips into dogs in Ireland (vet, veterinary nurse who is listed publicly by the Veterinary Council of Ireland, or an individual trained in accordance with Section 11 of the Regulations by a qualified practitioner of a recognized database provider, publicly listed by that provider and issued with a certificate confirming the completion of implant training)
  • You cannot implant your own dog (even if you are a qualified person) or the dogs of anyone directly connected, such as a close relative or co-worker, so if you happen to be an implanter yourself then you will have to find an independent implanter if you want one of your own dogs to be microchipped

What about dogs that had been chipped already?

If your dog had been chipped and registered already with a government-approved database (for example Fido), you do not have to chip her/him again but you still need to apply for a certificate.
If your dog had been registered with Fido, you can login onto your account, update your and your dog´s details and request a certificate. Once the information you provided is approved, you will get an email with the administration fee payment details. Follow the instructions in the email and you will have finished the application process. Your certificate will be send to you in the post.

What about dogs that had been chipped but were never registered with a government-approved database?

These dogs do not need to be chipped again but they do need to be registered with a government-approved database. Only qualified persons (see above) can do that for you.

What is a government-approved database?
- Animark
- Fido
- Irish Coursing Club
- Irish Kennel Club

Please, don't hesitate to give us a ring if you are not sure about the microchip or registration status of your dog - we are more than happy to help you!

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  1. Bonjour I am going to settle for a year in Kenmare with my 2 years old Pyrenean Shepard. He has a micro chipping and European passport. Could you tell me what else should be planned in advance when moving away in Ireland with a dog. Also I saw on your site that you are having agility classes and I would like to learn more on those courses . Could you maybe send me the mail of the person to contact or best to forward my mail so that I can plan my coming to Ireland in advance. See training times and days and admission fees. I am doing training in a club in France and I would like to keep on. Thanks for you valuable help. Best regards Cathy Berthier Cathy.berthier.yahoo.fr

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